ListDesigner: Drilldown from device to interfaces

Discussion created by tdsnoc on Jul 1, 2014

Hi all,


I've been trying to get this working but haven't had any luck. Here's an example of what I want to do:


DeviceList: this shows all devices that are being monitored. Clicking on an object in this list should drill down to:

InterfaceList: this shows all interface on the device that was clicked. Clicking on an object in this list should drill down to:

InterfaceReport: this is a PRD showing traffic, errors, discards, etc for the interface that was clicked on above.


So.. Creating the DeviceList is simple. I set row source to Hosts and then filter with "probe / is / snmpget OR probe / is / cisco_monitor." That gives me for example,,,, etc


Also creating the InterfaceList seems simple. I set row source to Targets and filter with "source / is / source (this gets replaced by the device name when you drill down) AND qos / contains / traffic." That gives me for example IN-eth0, OUT-eth0, etc


From that list going to a PRD report works fine, I link it to a report I've already created and there's no problems there.


The Issue is linking them all together. In order to get the DeviceList to load another list I need to create multiple groups. I tried creating a group called Firewalls and setting the filter like above plus something like "source / starts with / fw" and I set the drilldown template to InterfaceList. However then when I click on Firewalls in the DeviceList, it gives me a list of all firewall interfaces (basically skipping the step where I can choose which firewall I want to look at). If I set InterfaceList to row source: hosts I get the list of devices but then when I click on a device it goes to the PRD report which shows all interfaces of the selected device (which means that if you click on a Switch, flash is going to crash because of the number of interfaces)


Effectively I'm trying to mimic the Dynamic Views setup if that helps clarify it