snmptd - order loading mib-files

Discussion created by MattGruber on Jun 11, 2014
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before I open a support-case, getting a webex, tons of noob questions, and at least a "open a featurerequest"-Answer, a question to the experienced user here :->


I try to start the snmptd (Version 3.11) with some MIBs, well the MIBs have to have (strange grammer of mine ;->) an order, or the stuff throws something like that:

Jun 11 12:42:28:064 [140207324448512] snmptd: Unlinked OID in NET-SNMP-TC: irix ::= { netSnmpAgentOIDs 9 }
Undefined identifier: netSnmpAgentOIDs


I tested it in my old, HP Network NodeManager, which can load MIBs in specified order, is there some sort of "hidden" config where I can persuade the snmptd to load the MIBs in a given way?


I think CA just do some sort of glob.glob(*) "to be a bit python-ish", so simply fetch all files in .../MIBS in random order

As I write this I have the Idea to rename some MIB-Files perhaps they do it in alphabetic order (what I didnt expect).