vmware unified dashboard - resource pool usage

Discussion created by PaulWegs on Jun 5, 2014

With the vmware unified dashboard, the bottom list for resource pool usage is not displaying correctly, and I'm not sure how to fix it.


The filter for the first column is looking for targets containing "Resources.CPUOverallUsage (% of CPUMaxUsage)", with the source being set to "Host" (which in this case is the vCenter server running the probe)


In VMware environments where there are multiple resource pools, this isn't practical, as it only shows a single line for each host, not each individual resource pool. As there are multiple resource pools per host, the other columns such as CPU and Memory can't be showing accurate information, as it could be coming from one of many resource pools against that host.


I'd like to change the list to perhaps have one column for the host (vCenter server), then a column showing the name of the resource pool, then columns for the CPU and memory. So basically each resource pool from each of the vCenter servers would have their own line.


I've tried different options, but it doesn't appear as though this can be done, because there is no way of filtering on unique resource pool names. The closest I came was by filtering on the QOS starting with QOS_VMWARE_RP and having the target as the source, but this just results in multiple lines per resource pool for each of the different resource pool monitors.


If anyone has any other suggestions, that would be great!