automating net_connect profile creation -- required fields?

Discussion created by brudden1 on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by jonhcw

with USM Monitoring Templates currently disabled until 8.0 is released, I'm looking into automating creating net_connect profiles based on the contents of cm_computer_system.


I'm testing a lua script to scroll through the table, and create profiles for every unique table row (segregated by origin).


Does anyone know the required fields in a net_connect profile?  My first assumption was that I could set the default host interfaces in the gui, and then create profiles with Profile Name (hostname stripped down to shortname if it's listed as fqdn), Hostname, and IP (and have the defaults applied for anything I don't specify), but when I do this and restart the probe, it crashes.


If I manually create a profile, there are a whole bunch of fields in each profile.  Even though many of them are defaults, I wouldn't mind creating them through a script, though it does seem to be a lot of overhead if I'm trying to create >1000 profiles.


Has anyone done anything like this?  If anyone knows what fields are the minimum required, please let me know.



thanks in adavnce for any help!




p.s. do nas scripts have a default timeout? and if so, is there a raw config key that can change this?  I'm planning on running this script from a secondary nas that will not be doing any alarm processing or anything else other than running this script.