AO Message Counter

Discussion created by acee on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by ntimm

Does the Message Counter option in the auto-operator profile settings deal with the suppression counter of a message? Or can it work across messages that open and then clear multiple times (without any suppressed messages)?

For example, if I wanted to have an email be sent after I saw three repetitions of an alarm opening and then clearing itself, would setting the Message Counter to 3 implement this?

If so, is there also a way to restart the message counter after a certain period of time? For example, if in one hour, I received two open/clears, but then the system behaved for the rest of the week and it wasn't until several days later than another open/clear occurred, would that open/clear be counted as the third message, or can I have it be reset as a new series of opens/clears?