SLA accuracy problem

Discussion created by jonhcw on Apr 10, 2014
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I'm having a problem with my SLA accuracies. I have SLA's that are set to report "down" only when samples are missing. This is what I get in the sla_engine log:


Apr 10 10:47:02:728 [JobThread, sla_engine] {1078515} QOS 17870 PCT=100.0 ACC=99.7083894122925 TOT=8890 OK=8890 TIME=979 ms 


the reported percentage is 100.0. What I need is the 99.7, but can't seem to figure out if this can be configured somewhere. Any ideas?


When checking my sla's pre 6.5 update they are fine. But downgrading sla_engine does't seem to help.