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View invisible objects/messages on the Dashboard?

Question asked by rith on Mar 19, 2014
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I'm setting up a monitoring for subsystems in the "IBM Power i"-environment.
My problem is that some subsystems is not supposed be monitored while the nightbatch goes.
But as nightbatch varies so much in time, I don't want to add a scheduled monitoring in the Nas.

Can I create some type of profile in the probe for JOBS / NAS (or the Dashboard in UMP?) that allows a subsystem not to be monitored while another job / subsystem is active?

Subsystem QINTER should not be monitored during the time the job / subsystem NIGHTBATCH is running? 


Another problem seems to be that if I create a pre-processing rule in Nas to make a critical message 'Invisible', the dashboard doesn't capture the message. Neither in the AlarmConsole or the visual Dashboard.
I want the message to be invisble on the Alarm Console, but visible in the visual view on the Dashboard.


I have the options to view invisible messages in the ACL.

Hope you understand the questions :smileyhappy:

/ R