Issue With USM/ Url_response in Multi Tenant env

Discussion created by JDP on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by XITO

I have been trying to deal with some pretty basic issues with the URL_Response and Net_Connect probes which are mainly centered around being a Managed Service provider with more than one customer.


Basically to test that a customer's web site is working we use URL_Response probe from one of our robots in our datacenter. This way we are checking that the customer's site is actually up on the internet.


The downside if this is that neither alarms or QOS have the customer's origin so they are invisible when they log into the UMP.


Now i know that i can use Ruby scripts in QOS_Processor and LUA scripts in NAS to fix these two problems (albeit with additional CPU overhead). But how do i fix the problem with USM? 


Discovery picks up the devices/ web sites/ etc, with the incorrect origin, and there seems to be no way to fix this othe rthan building a server, installing a robot on it, setting the robot to have the customer's Origin, then installing URL_response on it. That way i woudl have an entire server up and running to poll a web page!


CA have told me that i am expecing too much from the product, but i just want the basic features which they are pushing every one to use to work for MSPs.


So is there anyone out there who has gotten USM to work well for more than one customer in this multi-tenant type environment?