Unable to save UMP peformance reports to account

Discussion created by 1_keithk on Feb 26, 2014
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We are running UMP 2.5.2 (yes, old) in both production and dev, but they behave differently in one way that is causing some trouble. I am using the PerformanceReportsDesigner portlet and attempting to save a report. To the right of the report name field is a dropdown list with 3 options--public, private, and account.


In dev, moving the mouse to "account" pops up a list of accounts from which I can select one.


In production, I cannot select a specific account. I can just select the "account" option, but then I get an error when attempting to safe. I think this is what contacts should see (since they should be able to save under their account only), but I am logged in as a user, not a contact.


Any ideas?