Exchange_Monitor log monitoring (version 5.11)

Discussion created by hazard1yard on Feb 13, 2014
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I have a couple of questions relating to monitoring Windows Exchange server logs.


I have found that there are some important events that I would like to monitor for Exchange which do not appear in the standard System/Application/Security Windows logs. The log I want to scan on a Windows server is Event Viewer/Application and Services Logs/Microsoft/Exchange/HighAvailability/Operational.


NTEVL does not have this as an option so I was looking to logmon to provide this. I would like to confirm that logmon can read .evt files and if it does what is the easiest way to test that it is working?


My second question relates to an exchange_monitor deployment, I deployed it and the associated probes deployed with it, I configured to receive windows event log message relating to MSExchange and I receive those, however if I go into NTEVL probe that option is unchecked. I am assuming that the exchange_monitor probe would check that in NTEVL if the option is required?


Thank you for any assistance.