USM Automatic

Discussion created by 1_jnastasi on Feb 15, 2014

We have NMSv7 and UMPv7 and are using net_connect, cisco_monitor, and interface _traffic probes to monitor network devices.


We setup our discovery in the USM and it discovers as expected, we run into a little confiusion and see a few duplicates machines under 'Inventory' and have traced it back to the devices sitting under 'Automatic'.


We are not sure how the group under 'Inventory' --> 'Automatic' gets populated. We see the device in our discovery scope group and Automatic which is throwing out number count off.


Can you please explain the 'Automatic' Group? All I can find in the docs isas follows:
Automatic. Some probes automatically discover systems, and those systems are displayed under this node.


What Probes are populating this and why, also what would be making the same device a duplicate instead of updating the existing?