vmware 6.01 Key Host not found

Discussion created by jlopez on Feb 12, 2014
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recently i've deployed about 4 vmware probes to monitor some vcenter environments.  I noticed occasinally I lose templates after editing them and restarting the probe and then at times i'll completley lose the monitored host and gui pops up Key Host not found  and no vmware config version at the bottom. 


I see the following in my log:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to create session for Resource 'IP Address'


I check util directory for config gui and nothing listed for vmware.  i also tried the hold down shift double click to redownload but that didn't work.  I do see the host in raw config with missing key value pairs wheni compare to other probe configs.  


I haven't yet opened a ticket.  Have others expierienced this?  is it possible config file locking could corrupt the probe cfg?  I edit, hit apply and say yes to restart, and because it's java probe i close the gui by selecting ok then wait a bit and reopen.  that's when i, sometime, lose eveything.  it's not very comforting.  


robot 5.70

vmware 6.01