Package Editor - Order of Precedence?

Discussion created by bvloch on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by 1_keithk

I recently had an issue with the RSP probe in which I have configured by configuration update package to do sometihng like the following:


<LuaScripts> overwrite

     <discover_disk> overwrite
            <WINDOWS> overwrite 
                                 command = QJG4Pmmd+7n/5DqgKiJpbg==
                                 function = GFPYSKgk+68d/bKeXeAyvGuZq+S/9RZbiZtuD0NPXMI=
                                 script = NPiHcpGymYsey2X5W5GIUA==



<setup> overwrite

  time_interval = 5 min



With the setup section at the bottom, my interval was getting set to 1 minute, however if I moved the setup section to the top of this file - it would set correctly to 5 minutes. Does the setup section always need to be the first section of my .cfx file? Is there an order of precedence when it comes to sections?