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NAS repeat alarms

Question asked by hazard1yard on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by hazard1yard

Currently I have a Profile I have created that sends out an email when the message string is met and the message counter is equal to 1 with an action mode of "on message arrival".


The reason this was done was so that we would get an initial email of the error and then future messages would just go into Nimsoft and be suppressed. What I now need to do is get an email sent every hour if the threshold is still being exceeded. I am assuming that I could do this using 'On overdue age' or with the Message Counter but I am assuming then that we will not get the first alarm/email on arrival and also we would only get it to send out an email once more.


Is there an easy way of getting an email sent every hour that the threshold is breached with the first one being on arrival?

Thank you