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Have you ever found something in Nimsoft and thought - Huh?


Whether it's inconsistencies with the probe messages (varying from platform to platform), weird probe pre-requisites, strange messages in the log files or anything else odd post them here. The kind of things to post about are so trivial no one in their right mind would waste time raising a call for them (even speeling mistakes).


cisco_ucs probe 2.14

this has a requirement of the cisco_ucs_migration 2.0 (which is used to convert 1.x config to 2.x). If you've never used used cisco_ucs 1.x there's nothing to migrate!!! In other words, if you've never used it before you've still got to deploy the migration tool first.


cdm 4.77

Disk space alarms levels are defined as Major/Minor in windows, but Linux (and probably others) alarms levels are Major/Warning.


ntevl (various versions)

On startup, the messages "raj beofore calling evlControlVista fun." and "raj beofore inside evlControlVista fun." can be seen in the log.


(various probes)

There a callback in a lot of probes that allows the loglevel to be changed "on-the-fly" without a restart the probe (very useful).

Unfortunately the callback name is not standard. I've seen the variations "loglevel", "log_level" and "set_loglevel" so far.


controller (5.90, 7.10)

In the Secondary HUB section, uncheck the "Search the subnet for a temporary..." changes the top radio button text to "Wait for primary hub...". Apply this, close the GUI and re-open it. Notice even though the "Search the subnet for a temporary..." is unchecked, the top radio button text is displaying the default "Automatic detect" (which is wrong).


hub 7.11

in the web archive (on here), click on the "Help" icon, the link takes you to the 7.0 documentation (this one will be fixed VERY quickly me thinks :smileytongue:).


Anyone got anything to add?