Admin Console usage

Discussion created by Chris548 on Jan 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by anthony.valuikas

Just upgraded to NMS 6.5 a bit ago.  Got Admin Console working kinda.  However when I try to configure a probe through the admin console, a probe from a robot or hub that was upgraded for 6.5 (robot version 5.9 or hub v5.82) won't load the config gui.  I just get a response saying 


Configuration was unable to be retrieved.

Message: Server Error: Unsupported adapter request for probe at address /EmeraldCity/seavvtstnimsoft/seatsnimump01/controller
Resolution: Please use either the Thick Client or Raw Configure for this probe
Error Code: PPM-020


Shouldn't the newest robot/probes support usage with the new admin console?  Can't seem to find anything that indicates a missing piece.  Anyone ran into this?