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Hi all,

I'm looking for some guidance here (from an SNMP guru maybe)


I've been supplied the MIB files to set-up HP TippingPoint in snmptd. I've loaded the files successfully and added the tptSystemLogNotify to the profile. Now according to the MIB supplied file this trap has 6 variables, yet when viewing the traps in the "SNMP Trap Monitor" I'm seeing 8. This was confirmed by outputting the alarm as Enterprise [$E], $TRAP_DESCR - $VARIABLE_DUMP and is displayed below.


Enterprise [SNMP v2 Trap], SNMP v2 TRAP - V(0)=24099784 V(1)=TPT-MISC-NOTIFY::tptSystemLogNotify V(2)=9dc0515f-7a82-11e2-9edc-0010f32dde7b V(3)=parseOnePolicy:  Invalid policy [20fdfadd-ce99-11e2-6f21-055da0bffdaf] V(4)=error(2) V(5)=87872 V(6)=1387454745 V(7)=110457880


This obviously causes problems when I try to do anything with PDU variables as all the indices are out by 2. I've tracked the two extra variables and they are mentioned in RFC1905 (SNMP-V2-Trap specification): "The first two variable bindings in the variable binding list of an SNMPv2-Trap-PDU are sysUpTime.0 [9] and snmpTrapOID.0 [9] respectively".


Now my question are:

  1. Should HP have defined these first two variables as part of their traps
  2. Is the snmptd probe is not handling correctly these first two variables correctly (as per RFC1905).

Any answers greatly appreciated,