DME.primaryhubname queue

Discussion created by ntimm on Dec 19, 2013
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Does anyone know what the queue is for on the primary hub seems to replicate the data_engine queue as far as messages.  Reason I ask is this queue started filling up today and the only way I could get it to start sending it's messages was a restart of the nimsoft service on the primary hub which is not ideal.  Opened a case with support but they didn't know initially and after a few hours waiting for a support response which I never got and watching the queue grow I checked our dev server and the same process attaching to data_engine attached to this queue so I tried restarting the data_engine and that didn't work.  Ump and everything else was working but I didn't feel safe going to bed with a queue growing at the rate that the de publishes data as I like to sleep through the night without having to worry about the filesystem choking.