Nimsoft development

Discussion created by jonhcw on Nov 21, 2013



It seems to me that pretty much all new probes introduced in new Nimsoft releases are created with Java. I understand this is probably because they can be run easily on all supported platforms, but to me it feels a bit.. unpleasant. Especially in my Dev I see Java processes hogging up quite a bit of memory, which I guess is due to memory leaks or otherwise bad memory management. I find myself restarting stuff every now and again when I see performance degrade.


I can't quite put my finger on why this seems such a bad thing to me, except for bad experience with Java and performance. Maybe it seems like the easy way out when doing development for multiple platforms. We're also seeing not up to par quality releases with probes that are developed with other languages. Overall this just makes me a bit uneasy when thinking about development.


I don't really have a clear point here, just putting out some thoughts or feelings about where Nimsoft is going development and quality wise and wondering if people had any thoughts on the matter.