Visibility of robots/QoS and alarms in UMP

Discussion created by chris_nees on Oct 21, 2013
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   I'm not sure if I have an issue with my infrastructure or if i'm making some kind of beginners error here but I could use some help with a particular issue I have with visibility of robots/probes and other data in UMP.


I have access to a NMS system that was built by someone else and handed over to me. It consists of a Primary server, DB's etc. I can access the system and look at IM and AdminConsole and UMP and it all looks fine. I can see the primary server discovered into the system.


So I went and built a Relay server in a DMZ in another site and connected the 2 servers up using an SSL tunnel. The tunnel looks good and I can see both the initial primary site and the relay sites in Infrastructure Manager and the admin console, I can see that the distserv is working and that the archive is replicating etc.


So far so good - except that I still only see the Primary server in the UMP. As far as I can see, no information about the robots attached to the remote relay is available to the UMP. I can't see any alarms, QoS data from those remote servers in UMP and I can't add them into any groups as they aren't in the UMP console.


If the servers are visible in IM should they not automatically be visible in UMP or am I doing something fundamentaly wrong here? Its almost as if each relay thinks its an independant primary. Anyone any diagnostics I can run to find out what the issue might be.


I'll probably log a ticket but wanted to see if the community has any help for me if i'm makin some type of beginners error.