Config of the AWS probe....

Discussion created by chris_nees on Oct 25, 2013
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   does anyone have the AWS probe configured and working correctly? I have set mine up and the config looks right according to the documentation. The Log shows the probe doing the basic healthcheck of AWS using the rss feed from Amazon but I can't see any indication that the probe is even attempting to do the S3 read/write test or the EC2 monitoring.


I can't see any QoS from the probe and the unified dashboard shows no data so far.


One thing I am not sure about is the "Automatic Cloud Watch Enable" tick box. If I tick this do I also have to include something in the "Include Keyname" box? When I try populating the include keyname the value does not stay in place when I close and then reopen the probe config - like its not being committed to the config.


Looking at a raw config I would say that potentially there are keys missing or wrong in the config of the probe which has been installed out of the box.


Anyone got any tips for setting that setting or for this probe in general?

I can post screenshots if necessary