CDM  Probe: Unix File system not available alerts

Discussion created by bvloch on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by Madhukar

So for some time we have been running v4.70 of the CDM probe. In the last month or so we have seen a dramatic increase in in these alerts " Local file system / <something> is missing" 


We get alerts that file systems are missing, but when we go to investigate, the file system is there, and no other logs show that it went missing. By the next polling cycle, the alert clears, and the file system is back to normal. 

In the cdm log, I see the following lines at the time of the alert: 
Sep 25 11:05:10:081 [140580319459072] cdm: safe_statvfs:smileytongue:robably Timeout occurred for /usr/local, error 115 
Sep 25 11:05:10:081 [140580319459072] cdm: Failed to get FsUsage for /usr/local 


Nimsoft is telling us to upgrade to version 4.73 and use this new timeout setting for disk alerts. We are increaseing this from 5 to 30  This, so far appears to be resolving this issue. 


Does anyone have any insight as to why all of sudden we are seeing these alerts? It is way too coincidental that Nimbus has introduced this timeout and I have heard for other Nimsoft admin that they are/have experienced the same issue so it's not unique to my enviroment. I was hoping someone might have so thoughts on root cause.