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Discussion created by hazard1yard on Oct 3, 2013
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I have a temporary situation whereby some of my support team are unable to use UMP but they can receive emails. I have set up an AO so that when an alarm comes in to Nimsoft that is of a Major or Critical Severity an email is sent to the teams mail box and this works fine. However, some of the events I want to make sure that if after Nimsoft receives the alarm 10 times in a set interval I want another email sent out for the alarm but containing the original date/time, and I want an email sent out every time we receive 10 alarms in Nimsoft for the event.


I tried creating a profile that had an action type of email and a message counter of 10 but it did not seem to work. I then tried setting it up for overdue age, and it did send out a second email but it did not send out a third email when that alarm that met the criteria was overdue.


Is there a better way of approaching this?

Thank you