How Get Historical (aggregated) QoS Data by using REST api

Discussion created by igate on Oct 1, 2013

Hi All,


I am trying to get Historical (aggregated) QoS / Alarm Data by using REST api, but I am not getting my required output.

if any one have idea or suggestion, how to get Historical data for any QoS / Alarm, Please let me know.


My Url is :

http://<IP address>/rest/qos/data/name/QOS_DISK_LATENCY/ Latency/201323090000/201324091257/5/historical


Output :

In case of Alarm data, if i acknowledge an alarm it is removed from alarm console and also from the REST API xml output.
How can i see these acknowledged alarm message stored in NIS database using Rest Client API i.e what is the url for fetching this information.