Where is the Kudos?

Discussion created by carl on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by carl

Please remember when reading a useful post please give the kudos! Not only does this help other people find trending and useful info but it's just a small way to give "thanks" to some of the great follow ups people provide.


We will also be introducing a reward system in the coming months for people that accumulate the most kudos.


I understand you guys might have felt a little neglected over the last years in terms of Nimsoft interaction around the board but its all going to change! I have been fighing hard to promote our little corner of the interwebz for 2 years and one day *pow* it got traction! 


We have some super exciting accouncments just around the corner which will heavly involve the community in general.


I thank you all for the support you give one another on this board and really hope we can all take this to the next level soon. I will be asking for all your involvment when the time comes.


In the mean time keep the kudos flowing :smileyhappy: