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Discussion created by jonhcw on Sep 12, 2013
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Does anyone have much experience with the qtool? I was just looking into it due to a problem and had the hardest time figuring out it's behaviour.


For one, it seemed to be next to impossible to redirect message logging into the logfile instead of stdout. No matter what switches I used it always ended up printing messages in the console. The order of the switches seemed to be important too.


Another issue seemed to be that when I increased the debug level it actually seemed to leave out some of the error messages I got when running on lower levels.


Also, I couldn't just figure out how exactly it deals with the errors it detects. There didn't seem to be any switches to affect that.


What baffled me the most was defining max and min size of the PDS messages. By default it seems to use min 200 and max 1000 (bytes). I'm not sure at all how I could approximate these as I have no clue as to the size of the PDS messages.


I've previously tested qtool with intact queue files when importing data to test instance (against better advice in the documentation :smileytongue: ), and then it worked just fine.


Last thing, I wonder if qtool is available somewhere in the download site or archive? I couldn't locate it anywhere. I got it from support in an earlier case..