Using ACE load balancer as front-end for UMP

Discussion created by dick.cooman on Aug 16, 2013
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Has anyone had success configuring a Cisco ACE for SSL Termination with UMP?  We are tring to set up our ACE so user sessions talk over port 443 to the ACE and the ACE passes the traffic to the UMP server over port 80.  Our ACE has the cert installed.  We have the doc from Cisco on how to configure the ACE for SSL Termination, but it is not working.


What we are seeing is the session initiation using HTTPS from the user works fine and the login page is presented back OK.  But when the user types the login and password and the form posts back to the ACE, it comes in on port 80 instead of 443.  The login fails at this point.  If we go directly to the UMP server on port 80 (HTTP) from the user workstation, it works fine.


Nimsoft support says that if UMP is configured to talk on port 80, then that is all that is needed and points to the ACE as the culprit.  Cisco support says the app (UMP) must be requesting that the form always post on port 80 and points to UMP.


I'm thinking that the ACE just needs a minor configuration change to make this work but we are stumped.


Suggestions anyone?