SNGTW mapping SNMPTD variables

Discussion created by hazard1yard on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by ntimm

I am using the SNGTW probe to assign alarms to ServiceNow cases which is working fine for the majority of alarms. I come to a snag when I want to receive SNMP traps from an SNMP trap forwarder rather than directly from the device sending the SNMP trap. 


At the moment the cmdb_ci field in SNC is mapped to the Host_name related to the alarm but with receiving the SNMP from a trap forwarder all of the alarms for differing devices are being listed as the trap senders hostname and not the original device sending the trap.


The hostname of the device sending is one of the variables in the trap and I was wondering if any one has any suggestions as to how I could pick that up as the host name to map it as the cmdb_ci?

Thank you for any suggestions.