Display names in USM

Discussion created by acee on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by 1_Javier

With the help of support, I've recently performed a full auto-discovery reset in an attempt to clean up a messy USM database.


Most things are cleared up now, but I have a handful of devices that are showing the IP Address as its display name rather than the host name. These devices are non-Windows devices, which are being monitored via cisco_monitor and net_connect.


We do have other non-Windows devices, also monitored by the same probes from the same robot which appear with their host names correctly, rather than the IP address (which is what we want).


But I can't seem to figure out why the remaining handful of devices still show up with the IP address rather than the name.


We are not using discovery_agents, just discovery_server.


Any thoughts?