Pushover - Alarms to mobile devices

Discussion created by carl on Jun 7, 2013

I thought I would share this little trick with you guys as I was quite excited about it :smileyhappy: - A mobile client for Android and Iphone that allows you to push messages to your phone (or tablet I guess)


I signed up and got my API code, installed the app (just under £3 from appstore) added this little bit of LUA code to my NAS auto-operator:


a = alarm.get() local token = "abc" local user = "xyz" local command = 'curl -s -F "token='..token..'" -F "user='..user..'" -F "message='..a.message..'"' os.execute(command)

NOTE:[ This was done on a Linux HUB/NAS not sure about curl on windows...]


 And hey-presto! Scope for usage....? Not sure... Fun defiantly (If your a nimsoft geek!)