Getting a probe to re-use an already deployed .cfx file.

Discussion created by simon.colgrave on May 30, 2013
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Hello All,

I have a fairly minimalist .cfx file for ntservices probe which (as you can see) it setup to clear the existing services profiles and add any service configured to be Automatic to the monitoring.


<setup> overwrite    auto_detect_new = yes    <default> overwrite       active = automatic       action = report       qos = no    </default> </setup> <services> clear    <NimbusWatcherService> overwrite       active = no       display = Nimsoft Robot Watcher       credentials =        state = running       action = report       qos_state = no       profile_name = Nimsoft Robot Watcher       msg_wrong_credential =        alarm_on_action = yes       suppress = no    </NimbusWatcherService> </services>

Occasionally, we need to 'spring clean' this automatically monitored list on various servers (i.e. Clear everything out and start again). The only way I have figured out to do this is to update the package (which increments the build number) and distribute it again to servers in question. This works, but feel it's a bit like "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut".


So, does anyone know if it's possible to use a callback on the ntservices (or any other probe) that would tell it to ignore the .cfg it's currently using and and use the (already) present .cfx file instead?


Thanks for reading,