How to step through PDS results

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(I tried to post this in the development forum, but for a while now the new message button does not work?!)


Ok, my inability to get my head around PDS structures is really getting me down!  What I’m trying to do is perform a callback on a ntServices probe to see if a specific service is running or not.  What I’ve done so far is just to perform a “list_services” callback, which fills my output pds with a table of info:


my ($iret,$pds_out) = nimNamedRequest ($serverName, "list_services", $pds, 90);



This gives (a section only, produced by ‘dumping’ the contents):
NimbusWatcherService PDS_PDS          90
 display         PDS_PCH          22  Nimsoft  Robot  Watcher
 state           PDS_PCH           8 running
 ctrls           PDS_I             2 1
 LogOnAs         PDS_PCH          12 LocalSystem

I want to be able to step through the PDS, looking for (for example) “NimbusWatcherService” and once found, get the ‘state’ value (ie, ‘running’).


Any ideas on how I’d do this (in Perl preferably, but Java at a push).


Thanks in advance for your help!