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NMS Install - fooling the installer

Question asked by RobPol on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by carl

Morning all,


I am trying to install an instance of NMS on a VM, on my laptop. This is for general testing and dev on the move. The VM does not have as much RAM as the latest installer wants so the install fails. The Laptop does not have as much RAM as I want so I can't just give the vm 8gb.


I remeber a while ago reading there was a way to fool the installer. It uses some sort of properties file to decide the requirements it is going to demand. By editing this properties file during the install you can make it install on an underspec'd machine. 


I can no longer find this trick in any of the documentation. Does anyone out there know where the properties file is and at what step in the install I need to edit it? Or else have a link to the appropriate docs?