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Nimsoft Scaling architecture

Question asked by casey.shenberger on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by 1_keithk

We have multiple sites with multiple hubs in each site.  In order to scal we are adding 3 hubs to our primary site to concentrate alarms, qos, and audit data from each site then have an attach queue that the primary hub can get this data from so we don't hit the subscriber limit.  When I was talking to nimsoft support about this they recommended that if we have 3 tiers in the architecture, that all robots should be at the same tier.  


My problem is that in the same subnet these 3 hubs exist:


Primary hub with nas, data_engine

Concentrating hub with get queues from satellite hubs

Hubs with robots attached



How can I make sure that no new robots will connect through the primary or the concentrating hub which would make them 1 tier higher than all other robots.  Or does it not matter that some robots are on different tiers?