Infrastructure manager vs Servers running the actual probes

Discussion created by benjamin_bull on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by jonhcw

Some of the probes require certain software to be installed to be able to configure it.


For instance the jboss probe. I have a solaris server runing JBOSS, it meets all prerequisites.

But then you hit configure and IM starts asking, hey ? Where are the jboss client files, and where is the JDK6, locally ? ...

Why doesn't the probe fetch it on the solaris server ? 


Citrix probe, same story, it requires a lot of soft to be installed on the machine running IM.


Maybe I'm deploying the probes wrongly somehow because I find this prerequisite thing Serverwise and IM console wise to be very annoying...


What is the best practice to manage all this ? For instance you got 5 sys admins that all need to access IM at some point, we don't want everyone to instance all these prereqs right ?


I guess running a single VM/terminal server that everyone can use, with all probe prerequisites ?


thx for your input