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Creating dependencies or relationships between probes to suppress alarms

Question asked by tdsnoc on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by ntimm

Hey all,


I'm trying to implement something that I'm sure isn't supported by any probes at this point, at least not in 5.61GA. Here's the scenario:


- A hub is monitoring a router using net_connect, interface_traffic, cisco_monitor, and snmpget (or snmptoolkit).

- The router goes down

- The net_connect probe says that the device isn't responding to pings

- The other three probes say that the device isn't responding to SNMP queries


I'd really like to have some way to either hide or lower the severity for the SNMP alarms *but only if the device also stops responding to pings*.. Along those lines, it would also be nice if we only got one SNMP alarm if a device stops responding (preferrably not the cisco_monitor message since it's uneditable).


I assume that this would involve some LUA? I'm not sure how to do this using triggers because I'd need to configure this across the board (hundreds of network devices).. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!