Nimsoft Robot to hub communication with firewalls and UMP

Discussion created by Chris548 on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by UCOP_Admin

Does anyone have any experience with the UMP and firewalls and accessing robots?  For example, in our environment we have a server that's in a special network segment that's behind a firewall.  Our nimsoft server lives in another general network area.  To get the two to communicate, we had to open up ports 48000 to 48030 between the two hosts with bi directional traffic. They communicate fine.  With that configuration though, if I am at my computer I work from and I try to connect to that robots probes in the special segment, I can't reach it due to its firewall location and I get that and that's ok, but not desirable.  One major thing I've noticed now though, is if I log into UMP and use the Maintenance Mode portlet to put that robot in maintenance mode, UMP can't connect to it.  So UMP (presumably the UMP server) needs to have a firewall rule to allow bidirectional traffic between the robot and it too?