WtBho error seen when working with the e2e probe

Discussion created by markleach on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Greenones

The following three steps need to be confirmed on your machine....

1--For our Web functions, we load our browser extension. So you need to activate it manually if you plan to use WinTask Web functions. You can activate in Internet Explorer main menu, by selecting Tools option, then Internet options item; click Advanced Tab and check the button called "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)". You need to close IE and start again.

2--For our third-party browser extension DLL, we need to make sure the WTBho add-on is Enabled ; you can check it is in IE, Tools menu, then Internet options. Click Programs tab, then click Manage Add-Ons button ; in the displayed list, check that the add-on named WTBHo is enabled.

3--Also, check this key in Registry - it must be set to 'Yes':