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We have a robot that has been in our environment for over a year. Everything worked as expected until this last weekend. We received an alarm from our Primary Hub, indicating the get queue could not connect to its corresponding attach queue on the Remote Hub.


There are three attach queues on that hub: Alarm, QoS, and Audit. QoS is the only one that works properly.


Windows 2k8 box. Hub version 5.6. Controller 5.42


Steps taken to date:

* Rechecked the queue in the status tab

* Restarted the hub

* Restarted the nimsoft controller

    --We noticed some of the processes did not terminate when we shut it down. e.g. hub.exe, hdb.exe

* Manually shutdown the nimsoft service and killed all nimsoft related processes

* Restarted the server


None of this resolved the issue. The QoS queue is still the only one that will attach. We made two post queues to send alarm and audit while we figure this out.


I opened a case with Nimsoft and waiting to hear back.


Any thoughts?


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