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Logmon Probe raising an alert based the variable's expected state

Question asked by julahannan on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by 1_keithk

Could anyone please help me to format an alarm depending on a Ouput of a Perl Script? I use logmon probe to run the script and act on Output.

Output of the script:


I used match expression: /Name=(\w+)|OperatingStatus=(\d+)|Status=(\w+)|HealthState=(\w+)|Class=(\w+)/

and assigned variables using source $1, $2 etc and expected value <> 2

But I did not get the expected Output. The Ouput I got doesn't have values assigned to that.

Device U789F, Operational Status is ${OperatingStatus}, Health State is

I would like to raise an Minor Alert when Operational Status not equal to 2, with the message
Device U789F.001.AAA5191-A1, Operational Status is 1, Status is NULL, Health State is 5.


And the alert should be closed when the device operational Status is back to Normal i.e value=2.