url_response and custom contains_unexpected message

Discussion created by Sir on Jan 24, 2013
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Hi all,


One problem that NimSoft suffers from is that the default messages  are just too verbose for SMS based alerting.


In the url_response probe, we would like to change the default message that is displayed when a content check fails.  The default configuration for this message is as follows.


text = URL content for '$profile' contains the unexpected text '$string'
level = major
subsystem = 1.1.14
token = contains_unexpected
variables = profile string
i18n_token = as#network.url_response.contains_unexpected


We then have inserted our own custom message into the configuration file, and set it as the default.


text = URL content check FAILED - $url
level = critical
subsystem = 4.5
token = contains_unexpected
variables = profile string url
i18n_token =


Unfortunately, what we always get is the default string. Each profile has a list of custom messages, and we've successfully tailored some of those.


dns_resolution_time_message =
download_time_message = CustomTimeLimit
first_bytefetch_time_message =
last_bytefetch_time_message =
redirect_time_message =
tcp_connect_time_message =
cert_expired_message = CustomCertExpired
cert_to_expire_message = CustomDaysToCertExpire


However, by default, there does not seem to be anything in the configuration file to suggest that you can set a custom contains_unexpected message. When I do a strings of url_response and search for "_message", I find the following:




That last one doesn't seem to be a configuration item though, as I've added the following to each profile and still we get the default message.


unexpected_message = CustomContainsUnexpected


Has anyone seen this behavior before, and perhaps done this without having to write some LUA to change the content of the when it arrives?



Andrew S