Logmon - Logfile with timestamp

Discussion created by JeffYoung on Dec 15, 2012
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Here is a fun one....


The application creates a new logfile everynight right around 11:00 PM MST. 


This is the name of the logfile:


LOGFILE Fri 14 12 2012 23 00 00.10.log


This wouldn't be so bad if the logfile was written as:


LOGFILE Fri 14 12 2012.log


Then the logmon profile would be:


..\LOGFILE %a %d %m %Y.log


However, since the logfile is written with a the date and time the closest logmon profile would be:


..\LOGFILE %a %d %m %Y %H %M %S.log


This wouldn't work at all since logmon interprets it as today's date and whatever time it is right now on the local machine. To top it there is a milliseconds stamp too.


I'm thinking the only way to do this is have the application write the logfile differently or perform some sort of copy replace of a staticly named file.


Any other thoughts or suggestions?