Regex expression in SNMPTD alarm suppression key

Discussion created by GJ02ib65 on Nov 29, 2012
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SNMPTD is collecting Traps from an application event log.  The total message is included in $Variables and looks like this "[E] [1079] Replication for group 1 has failed due to error on virtual device 6"  


I am using Regex within the PDU variables to pull out this error.  What I want to do is use a Regex in the advanced tab to define an alarm suppression key to select only the first 10 characters ie.  '[E] [1079]'  The pattern that I have to do this is '/ ^([\s\S]){1,10}([\s\.])/g'. 


I have tried putting the Regex in the the alarm suppression key field like this "/ ^([\s\S]){1,20}([\s\.])/g$VARIABLES'.  But that does not seem to work.


So I am trying to figure out if this can work and how to make it work.


Gary Johnson