PDU Variable Rules in SNMP

Discussion created by 1_Greenage on Nov 16, 2012
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Hi everyone!


I was hoping someone could explain the above in a little more detail than the help guide.


I have Opscenter sending SNMP traffic to Nimsoft, and I have created a profile for each trap that comes in..


The problem I have is that a lot of data comes through in the message, so I would like to create a PDU Variable Rule to send a particular alarm to the Alarm Console (Depending on which word it picks out of the variable)..


Also, I've found that every message gets suppressed because it's coming from the same trap..e.g..


Backup Drive goes down on Server A, I get an alarm, which is fine, Backup Drive goes down on Server B and the original alarm gets overwritten, and a count of 2 appears.  The Alarm detail will then refer to Server B..


How can I prevent message suppression within the probe?


I hope that all makes sense..


Thanks in advance,