Request for Nimsoft / CA to release a bug tracking system for customers

Discussion created by louis.savage on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by a.pietersen

Over the course of the years we have used Nimbus there has been to many times when after upgrading or certain issues we will come across something that is not supposed to happen to only go through support then wait a few days to only come back and be told yes they are aware of the issue and it is a known bug .


Better yet have you ever done a upgrade to be only plagued by  bugs that you come across to only get the answer that they are aware of the bug in working on it? At that point you can't downgrade at times becuase the SLM database has changed etc and you have to do a full restore to revert back .


So why can't or will  nimsoft release a bug tracking system? This will make things so much more convient and helpfull as you can even check the version your upgrading to see if there may be a bug you might be affected with or that probe version is affected with a bug that you might utilize and it will be best to not upgrade to.


Trying to keep this from a rant and hope the right powers to be see this and perhaps something can be done. As users should not be the ones making post saying BEWARE of X version  due to the severity of some of the bugs.