HA probe does not provide HA

Discussion created by tdsnoc on Oct 31, 2012
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We need a better DR solution than the HA probe can provide. There seems to be no way to fully configure redundancy between hubs connected via tunnels.


This is a fundamental component of redundancy, and the fact that the HA probe can't do this is ridiculous to me. There are two core issues with the HA probe: 1) it can't monitor hubs via tunnels, and 2) it can only monitor one hub, while it should be able to monitor TWO -- one in the same environment, and one across the tunnel.


Here's an example. The main hubs communicate with the remote hubs via tunnels:


mainhubA - queue A1 - remotehub1

mainhubA - queue A2 - remotehub2

mainhubB - queue B1 - remotehub1

mainhubB - queue B2 - remotehub2


If mainhubA goes down, the HA probe on mainhubB will enable B1, but remotehub1 will not switch over to B1, it will continue sending data on A1. This is not high availability. The ENTIRE infrastructure will collapse because all of the remote hubs are trying to send data to mainhubA.


If remotehub1 goes down, the HA probe on remotehub2 will enable queue A2, however mainhubA will not receive any data because it's going to continue using queue A1.


I will probably need to open a case about this issue, but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.


Maybe I'm missing something?