SQL_RESPONSE including other returned columns into Alarm Message

Discussion created by Jarrod on Oct 31, 2012
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I am trying to run SQL Query's using sql_response and the query returns 4 values, the ROW KEY, Percent, space in KB, and a 1 or 0 for current state.


I have a query working that for each ROW it creates QOS correctly using the ROW KEY and I can alarm on the 1 or 0 if it is a 1.


I need to have the Percent Column and the Space In KB  column included as part of the alarm message.


How can I achieve this?



-- This is from the Probe Help, not very many variables to use here that are documented 

High Threshold

Defines the high threshold value. An alarm message with the specified alarm message text (supports variable expansion) and the selected severity level will be issued if this value is exceeded and the Alarm option (above) is checked.

Note: If the severity level Inactive is selected, no checking will be done. This also applies if the Value field is left empty.

Message variables that can be used are:

$description, $profile, $server, $database, $value.