Logmon thresholds and samples

Discussion created by Chris548 on Oct 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by golden2

I posted some questions in the past regarding logmon's ability to alarm on the number of alarms found by setting up an auto operatior to take an action on number of alarms generated(the suppression count in the NAS).  


My goal was to find an event in a log file that occured X times per scan... and to generate an alarm when that threshold was breached over X samples/scans.  I ended doing some what seems like crazy functions in the NAS to alarm on these conditions.  


I was also on a call with Nimsoft the other day where they said the probe can do all that.  The conversion didn't lend itself to discuss that fully, but I noticed there is a new logmon probe (v3.21) has some new threshold options in the watcher/alarm tab.  Has anyone tried doing the above or similar without having to due a bunch of crazy clunky NAS functions?  And perhaps used the threshold option in the logmon probe?  Documentation doesn't seem to be too helpful and playing around with those options don't really yeild anything of value in this scenario.


Thanks, Chris.