How to capture de Tunnel Desconexion Alarm and send it on email to costumers!!

Discussion created by chris_amaya on Oct 5, 2012
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Hi Everyone!!


So i need to send the tunnel desconexion alarm to the diferent costumers, i try a configuration that aparently work it but right now is not working at all:smileyfrustrated:.


Here is the config on the NAS(4.1) probe in the Nimsoft Server 5.61


In the NAS, new auto operator profile: 


Action Type: Email


Matching Criteria:


Subsystem ID:                          NMS Domain: DOMAIN

                                                                   NMS HUB NAME: NAME of central HUB

                                                                  Robot NAME: name of the robot


Message String:


[Connection* error.* Could *not* connect* to* IP.IP.IP.IP/48003.* Please* check *that* the *server* is* running. *Reason:* n/a]


Please some help!!