Wildcards in snmpget Dynamic Index Tracking

Discussion created by bob.brunette on Sep 27, 2012
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Is it possible to use wildcard characters in the snmpget probe's Dynamic Index Tracking Value field?  I tried a regex expression and "*" as a wildcard character with no luck.  If this currently possible, could it be added?  I ask because Cisco likes to use slightly different component descriptions for things like power supplies. For example:

From switch #1:

ciscoMgmt. = STRING: "Power Supply 1, WS-CAC"
ciscoMgmt. = STRING: "Power Supply 2, WS-CAC"
From switch #2:

ciscoMgmt. = STRING: " Power Supply 1, WS-CAC-2500W"
ciscoMgmt. = STRING: " Power Supply 2, WS-CAC-2500W"

If I could search just for "Power Supply 1" and "Power Supply 2" and ignore everything from the comma on, that would be great.  Without that capability, I have to define a variable for every possible power supply part number.